Just for fun… Research proof that your choice of underwear impacts your virility. Human Reproduction reported this month on a study of “656 male partners of couples seeking infertility treatment at a fertility center”. Their fundings? His choice of underwear may be important if you are pursuing fertility.  

Type of underwear worn and markers of testicular function among men

“Men who reported primarily wearing boxers had a 25% higher sperm concentration (95% CI = 7, 31%), 17% higher total count (95% CI = 0, 28%) … than men who reported not primarily wearing boxers.” “Certain styles of male underwear may impair spermatogenesis.” They do point to several cautions in application of the data including, “The cross-sectional design limits causal inference, and residual confounding is still possible owing to lack of information on other modifiable life styles that can also modify scrotal heat (e.g. type of trousers worn, textile fabric of the underwear).”