An article from the Institute for Family Studies pointing out that the hookup culture is not as prevalent, nor as rewarding, as some might think. In this quick article arguing for a Romance Renaissance, Joe Malone points out that:

findings show a majority of both college-age women and men who are motivated to take part in hookups actually desire a more romantic relationship.

Pointing to a decrease in dating for sex, or sex in the first date by 10%, Malone sees the trend as a positive one. He supports this with additional research studies and a brief look at The Dating Project as additional support.

It seems that having respect for themselves and others leaves young people with a very happy and fulfilled feeling.

from the Institute for Family Studies website.
From the original article…
“In my many years of teaching, I have found that the hookup culture is the number one negative issue with a majority of college-age students, and especially young women. Only about 15% of students, many of them fraternity males, say they enjoy hookup culture. About a third don’t participate in hooking up at all, and around 50% of students take part because they falsely believe “everyone is doing it,” according to research by sociologist Dr. Lisa Wade.

Photo from original post on Institute for Family Studies website..