Health-Related Lifestyle Factors and Sexual Dysfunction: A Meta-Analysis of Population-Based Research – Beyond the Abstract

Here is a good summary from of this ISM article.  Click the link at the bottom to read the summary. The quote is from the article abstract. They really only found strong connections to lifestyle factors and ED. Smoking and high alcohol consumption had strongest effect (dose related for both). Interesting that alcohol use wasn’t related to female sexual dysfunction (FSD). Physical activity was related to ED and FSD. This meta-analysis could not find connections between cannabis and caffeine and sexual dysfunction.

To determine the magnitude of associations between 6 health-related lifestyle factors (cigarette smoking, alcohol intake, physical activity, diet, caffeine, and cannabis use) and 3 common sexual dysfunctions (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and female sexual dysfunction).


A comprehensive literature search of 10 electronic databases identified 89 studies that met the inclusion criteria (452 effect sizes; N = 348,865). Pooled mean effects (for univariate, age-adjusted, and multivariable-adjusted estimates) were computed using inverse-variance weighted random-effects meta-analysis and moderation by study and population characteristics were tested using random-effects meta-regression.

Click here to view the original ISM article.



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